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Beginning of the Year Parent/Guardian Letter


Click on the files below to view daily agendas and starters that must appear in your notebook. Please remember that your notebook will be worth points and will be collected various times throughout the course of the year. Also keep in mind that YOU are responsible for assignments, starters, journal entries, etc. in case of a class absence.

First Nine Weeks

Second Nine Weeks

Third Nine Weeks

Fourth NIne Weeks

Journal Explanation

DAILY VOCABULARY WORDS - LINK to QUIZLET (words in lists of 10)


How to Join Remind

* Class Code 8f64b & Class Name = Eng. 10-A CM *

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UNITS, including Handouts, Homework, Notes, Study Guides, and More!

Below you will find links to specific units of study. To access items for a particular unit, please click on the unit's name. If you have any questions regarding handouts, notes, homework assignments, study guides, or more, please e-mail Mrs. Humbertson. Thank you!

First Nine Weeks -

COLLECTION 6: Hard-Won Liberty

To Kill a Mockingbird

Second Nine Weeks -

COLLECTION 5: Absolute Power


Third Nine Weeks -

COLLECTION 1: Ourselves and Others

Fourth Nine Weeks -

COLLECTION 2: The Natural World

Of Mice and Men


Grammar Units

Research Skills Unit w/ Presentation



Life Lessons Short Story Unit

Keystone Test Preparation Materials

American Dream Poetry Project

Non-Fiction Unit w/ Supplemental Poems

Research Skills Project

Persuasive Writing Unit